My bully is my mate

My bully is my mate

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Amilia O'conner never imagined her life turning around to the point where she gets in depression...

Amilia O'conner is a teenage girl, she's kind hearted, funny, simple, lovable, friendly, outgoing, and crazy, she believes in life, she believes is happiness, in soul mates, well obviously since she's an un-shifted werewolve, and she was so happy, with caring friends and the best siblings anyone asks for, but then everything turns around when...

Andrew Dark came in her life, he bullied her, embarressed her, he abused her with words, he did everything to make her life a living hell, and so she built a wall and locked herself in it, no one knew her anymore, know one could talk to her anymore she locked everyone out,

No one ever thought that Andrew Dark the player, the jock, the badboy and Amilia's bully, would be the mate of the nicest girl and most caring person....

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lulubunnypii lulubunnypii Aug 06, 2017
I don't think teachers do that like throw stuff at your face
victoriawilcox victoriawilcox Apr 29, 2017
Two of my friends have those names jackie and megan but spelled different
skylar_tris_jackson skylar_tris_jackson Jul 11, 2017
Wow talk about bad first days... all u need is some one to dump their lunch on u 😂
thecowwhocantfly thecowwhocantfly Aug 30, 2017
I believe in life aswell I hate those people who don't.
                              Always thinking that life is fake Hmmf disbelievers
thepeachprincess thepeachprincess Jun 01, 2016
Everyone in the comments is out there talking about how many children there are in the family and how the family has been busy...but I'm here thinking that in this section thing there are so many numbers... 😂😅😕😶
lashtonaf_ lashtonaf_ Apr 26, 2016
Why is my name always used as the bad person lol this is why I hate my name being Megan