The Great Balance

The Great Balance

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Terrene A. Davenport By TADavenport Completed

The devil cursed me? So says the handsome investor I'd met less than a week ago. I'm convinced that he's man candy sent to destroy me, filling my head with fairy tales of heroes and monsters, adventure and creation, love and heartbreak. His gorgeous exterior is merely an intricate introduction to remarkable intelligence that is far beyond anyone I'd ever met.

But no short of his arrival, the nightmares began again. The demon who haunts my dreams now haunts my reality. What could I have done to command such attention? My comfortable life as a fashion designer is merely a shell of what I'm truly capable of, and my curiosity is now a necessity as we fight for our lives to reset the balance. 

Well damn, why couldn't this just be a really elaborate dream?

This visionary tale of adventure, romance, and mystery, will keep you on the edge until the end of the journey.

All rights reserved for Terrene A. Davenport, this manuscript may not be copied, screenshot,  or reproduced in ANY way.

***Book One of Seven in The Beyond the Balance Series***

⚡Cool fact: Henry Cavill has a copy of this book⚡Proof in the first chapter :)