Descendant Of Luna And Sol

Descendant Of Luna And Sol

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After being in a  relationship with an abusive jerk practically her whole life, Azalea was not ready to be thrown into the world where myths came to life, world of haughty princes, sassy badass princesses, masquerade balls, late night meets with masked strangers, mystery books and haunted dreams, soulmates, monsters, shapeshifters and beasts. 

Above everything, she wasn't ready for him.

Her Lycan King.


Everyone in the supernatural world knew and feared The Phantom Lycan and right fully so. His story was a tragic fable that every werewolf was told as a pup. 

He was like a myth. A phantom a ghost. It is said that he made nightmares look like a beautiful dreams. No-one knew what he looked like or the extent of his powers and abilities.The only thing people knew was to obey him no questions asked. The one's who had defied him never lived to breathe another second. 

  It is also said that he once had a mate. He killed her in cold blood on the day of their wedding .

He was the Lycan King.

Son of Sol and Luna

Delmirev Belaxarim.


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