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JohnLock oneshots

JohnLock oneshots

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Eden By SherlocksHolmie_ Updated Aug 21, 2015

Just lots & lots of Johnlock // Teenlock // Parentlock.

MoriTiAmore MoriTiAmore Jan 20
Why.....why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why.....WHYYY
It's not like I wanted them to be together or anything anyways (sarcasm)😔
MaxZtrikes MaxZtrikes Jan 15
Yep that seems right. Totally normal everyday wedding. It not like the bride just got dumped on he wedding day two seconds from marrying him.
MoriTiAmore MoriTiAmore Jan 20
Well shite...... You don't just get engaged at your own wedding, and to someone else none the less
*floating on a sarcastic cloud that rains sarcasm*
                              Ummmm Sherlock, that kinda sounds gay
                              I came here for Sherlolly fanfic what the heckles
                              *vomits because Sherlolly is gross*
And on your left you can see a fangirl sobbing uncontrolably because her (unexistant) heart broke into many tiny little pieces. In the distance you can also hear a fangirl sobbing for the exact same reason