Death Note: Life Note

Death Note: Life Note

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Alice May Jones By IAmLLawliet Completed

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Life Note was dropped in the human world while Kira was killing all the criminals? Have you wondered what would happen if it was picked up by someone who wanted to stop Kira? 

*I do not own Death Note or the idea for the Life Note. I got the life note idea from Smosh and I thought it was awesome. Everything in this story is fictional and isn't true. I also have no idea if shinagami love apples.*

*cover made by me*

Dude right when i just watching death note and thinking about life note it's already here the moment i search for fanfic 'death note' in wattpad lol
AxalFlameHart AxalFlameHart Apr 29, 2016
Something tells me this is gonna be better than the original
electramoon electramoon Nov 03, 2016
How very strange that I got the same idea when I watched first 10 episodes of death of luck for your story...I hope it's liked by everyone who reads it :)
Space-Mom Space-Mom May 11, 2016
By the way, only Ryuk really loves apples. He certainly agrees they are much better than the apples from the shinigami realm xD
justotakuingaround justotakuingaround Nov 04, 2016
If I found a Death Note, I would just write the names of all my favorite anime characters that died
                              And also Einstein, to baffle some people.
MiaGurl3160 MiaGurl3160 May 07, 2016
Lol I saw the Death Note and Life Note in a Smosh video to XD It was hilarious!!! 😂😂😂