Red string of fate|Magi:The Labyrinth of Magic|Fanfic

Red string of fate|Magi:The Labyrinth of Magic|Fanfic

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Marsychaos By mariru_san Updated Aug 21, 2016

Magi are magicians who are blessed by the Rukh. They are those who possess unimaginable powers that were said to be able to turn anyone a King.

In this world, there are only three known Magi's but one had arrived and so was known as the fourth. 

They weren't expecting another one to arrive. She was created for him and only for him.

To protect their son, they sent her with memories that might or might be not true.

"May the Rukh guide you to his side." A voice said.

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DreamSeeker10779 DreamSeeker10779 Apr 01, 2014
I have never read a Magi fanfic, but I love this one so far.