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Friend Zone (Kise Ryouta fanfiction)

Friend Zone (Kise Ryouta fanfiction)

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xxxx xxxxxxx By notyourfantasy Completed

[COMPLETED] I am nothing but a childhood friend in his eyes but I know, one day, it will all change. (Kise Ryouta x OC)

instahaxxa instahaxxa Nov 15, 2016
Wanna hear a fun thing my coach makes us do. Every time someone forgets to call the ball or doesnt call it loud enough we do 10 push ups so by the end of practice weve done 100+ push ups
momo_dibo_dania momo_dibo_dania Feb 22, 2016
SEXISM AT THE MAXXX but well at least, the girls get the better one... hehe
bruhhhhzz bruhhhhzz Jan 16, 2016
40 sit ups?? Yo we do that all the time in volleyball and that's not even conditioning, it's just at the very end of every practice when we're already sore because our volleyball coach hates us
Jupiter_IsFalling Jupiter_IsFalling Mar 06, 2015
Even if this is only the prologue part,I can feel the story.And being in the friend zone sucks.*pats Mei's back symphatetically*
DeadBunnies13 DeadBunnies13 Dec 15, 2014
Sorry but can someone knock me in the head? Bcuz before I read this column, I ACCIDENTALLY read 'tweet me' as 'twerk me'... GOMEN NASAI!!
whyyousoserious whyyousoserious Mar 31, 2014
Aww damn. This breaks my heart already. Why friend zoned. <////3 update soon pls~ :3