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Zach and Yasmine are two teenagers just trying to get through life by keeping their head held high and never letting their hopes drop. Although this can be hard when you're living in an illegally occupied country such as Palestine, they're there for each other. ALL the time.  

Yasmine is sarcastic, witty and a little controlling. Zach is quiet, annoying and indecisive. All the perfect ingredients to get on each others nerves! However they're basically twins...born apart but meant for each other from the beginning. They're Palestwinians.   

Join them on this journey as they challenge and learn from each other, battle the hardships of life and dream of their future....possibly a future together? Will they live up to the 'girls and guys can't be friends' motto? Can they survive, where only danger surrounds them? Who knows? Read to find out!

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4DiVeRgEnTlover4 4DiVeRgEnTlover4 Feb 19, 2016
From the river to the sea 
                              Palestine will be free 
                              Inshallah ❤️
ShutUpAndCoffee ShutUpAndCoffee Sep 10, 2015
Finally starting this book! :) 
                              Have heard a whole bunch of praise for it. #Excited XD
- - Sep 01, 2015
This sounds like such a daring and controversial subject to venture into, but isn't it those topics that turn mere words into art? Excited to read this!!!
Nesreen_h Nesreen_h Jul 09, 2015
Omggggg can't wait to read this! I saw Palestine and I was like whaaaat? I need to read this lol. Can't wait to read it!!!! I'm sooooooo excited.
sprinkleofhayat sprinkleofhayat May 18, 2015
Well, I'm terribly late, but I was casually strolling along your profile [aka stalking people on here #TotallyNotACreepyMove] and I'm loving this title & concept!! Can't wait to dive into the story! :D
naxaal naxaal Jan 20, 2015
So after a million requests to read this book.... I shall read it! Glad it's completed :D