Attack the Void(Hiatus)

Attack the Void(Hiatus)

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In the beginning, there were four beings. Chaos, Order, Abyss,and Void. They built the universe together until Void wanted to rebuild everything and start anew.

Non of them agreed to help so Void fled. 

Order and Chaos were the rulers of the universe since Abyss went searching for Void. 

The primordials and the fates were Order and Chaos' children. 

Lord Perseus Jackson was the name of the youngest primordial. Everyone in the kingdom adored the infant prince. He grew up strong and loved, he became the commander of the army and his father's personal assassin. 

War broke out when Void returned, he was defeated for he time being but not without taking the most precious thing that the kingdom had, Lord.

a/n: this is not gonna be 100% true to the PJO books and Greek mythology so yeah. I AM NOT UNCLE RICK! BEWARE!

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