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Caerley By WhiskeySeattle Completed

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Not so far in the distant future, the Earth is drowning in our mistakes. The permafrost has melted. Millions have been wiped out. Thousands more suffer to breathe on land while facing down brutal raiders and monsters too fantastic to be natural. 

But there was hope. The Arc Spheres meant clean air, safe streets and evolved living...if you were an optimal genetic specimen for survival. Winning the Arc lottery was a beacon of hope to a lucky few, and a glorified eugenics experiment run amok to all others.

As a Tinker, Meg's not entitled to many of the luxuries most citizens enjoy aboard Arc City One. She was a mistake to be forgotten. A blip in time destined to be erased by obscurity. 

Until she spotted the anomaly. 

This is an underwater sci-fi adventure filled with robots, pirates, seafaring rogues, terrifying monsters, a few stolen kisses, and a murderous plot set to a timer that's about to explode!