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Korean 한국어

Korean 한국어

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Shen By Codes-Of-Lone Updated Jan 11

Learn basic Korean in minutes!
I'm not a native Korean speaker or an expert with this language. I published this book because most watty users are interested in Korean. These are some of the basics. If you've got any complain regarding this, please let me know. :-)

Could you teach more common terms to start conversation s and such?
ChinSin24 ChinSin24 Sep 18, 2016
Thank you for the chapter. I back red the others who commented and there are few complaining. Few mistakes, but this one's good. Keep it up
igot17sugakookies igot17sugakookies Mar 03, 2016
ㅓ is romanized as eo, but you pronounce it as aw, like if you see something cute and you're like, aw, that's so cute.
TaehyungsSmileIsLife TaehyungsSmileIsLife Oct 21, 2016
ㅇ is a consonant right? ㅡ is eu-- which I think is pronounce as "eul"
vvip4life vvip4life Jun 26, 2016
"배우다 한국어"? Lmao that's obviously from Google Translate. The korean sentence structure is different from English. We put the verb after the noun. Lmao so "배우다 한국어" would actually be Korean learn
istantheotter istantheotter May 12, 2016
Actually "ㅈ" is just 'J'. ㅊ is 'Ch'.
                              ㅅ is 'S'
                              ㅈ is 'J'
                              && ㅊ is 'Ch'