Sonnet No. I:  Sacrifice

Sonnet No. I: Sacrifice

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Olan Smith By CottonJones Completed

This is a sonnet about sacrifice of the son of man.

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absoveedly absoveedly Jun 10, 2016
i don't really know what sonnets are, but it does look great
AliceMorris7 AliceMorris7 Nov 18, 2014
fantastic sonnet  I haven't tried one of these they look so hard to write but you have done it great.
CottonJones CottonJones Mar 13, 2012
@knightwriter dig away, my friend.  There are four other sonnets of mine back there somewhere.  Thank very much for commenting on this sonnet. LPF, Olan
knightwriter knightwriter Mar 12, 2012
For those of us who are new to wattpad, we will always be digging back into the poet's past writes, but they will always be "new" for us.  This one is very inspiring Olan.  Glad to have discovered it today.
CottonJones CottonJones Mar 12, 2012
@Amuse-bouche Smile, it is difficult; they need a button to reveal all works of that poet on one screen like we have that shows all our works.  I have to go through the comments, though, to make sure I haven't already read it and comment, smile.  . LPF, Olan
Amuse-bouche Amuse-bouche Mar 12, 2012
@CottonJones  I so wish...they would have an easier way to do just that...I know there are ones that I've missed...when I find one.. have to begin all over again to find the next...if you know of ones I've missed hollar!  lol