A Discordant Lullaby

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A name... Why do you want to know? By purplechicken Completed
A short poem I wrote in my spare time...
    For future reference, I am not a nature freak!
I really like this, and believe it's beautiful. If you said that poems are all you can write, you should upload more! I'd love to hear them, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. <3 I can't really write, but it sounds like your writing would be lovely.
This is a beautiful poem, it's really powerful and when I'm reading it, I feel as if I've been transferred to another world and I can experience the placidity that the person in the poem experiences. Great job!
O.O You're a better poet than me, that's for sure. I adored this, and I'm usually not that big of a poetry fan. It's sort of sad and sort of happy, with a very well set rhythm. Great job, my purple friend!
@purplechicken I was just being honest and the title is eye-catching
I came upon this by chance but this was very lyrically vivid and interestingly compelling, and endearing. I enjoyed it immensely.
This is really good! I love how you have the classic rhyme along with the imagery! It's powerful!