A short poem I wrote in my spare time...
    For future reference, I am not a nature freak!
I really like this, and believe it's beautiful. If you said that poems are all you can write, you should upload more! I'd love to hear them, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. <3 I can't really write, but it sounds like your writing would be lovely.
This is a beautiful poem, it's really powerful and when I'm reading it, I feel as if I've been transferred to another world and I can experience the placidity that the person in the poem experiences. Great job!
@browny_06 Thank you! I'm glad people still can find this poem. I wrote it a while ago. Thanks for the support! :D
@TheOwlsEye Why, thank you, my owl friend! I enjoy writing poetry, but sometimes I wish I had the skills it takes to write a story, rather than poetry. I'm glad you noticed the rhythm; I purposely wrote it to be a fast read because of the rhythm, and I also wanted it to flow very naturally.
O.O You're a better poet than me, that's for sure. I adored this, and I'm usually not that big of a poetry fan. It's sort of sad and sort of happy, with a very well set rhythm. Great job, my purple friend!
@nicollettenikki Thanks! I actually found the title before I wrote the poem. The title is what gave  me the idea for the poem.
                                     @TheFayz I would like to thank you for commenting. It means a lot to me that people take time out of their day to give me their opinion.