Aftershocks of Kiss Cam[Completed]

Aftershocks of Kiss Cam[Completed]

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Mickey By mikaelanay Completed

Jacob Callahan and Jacquelyn Waldorf have been rivals from the day they were born. Yes, you heard it.

Their families are rivals.
Their friends are rivals.
Their soccer teams are rivals.

Everything is going smoothly hateful until...One game night.

One Kiss Cam massacre changes all of that and they find themselves stealing looks at each other, dreaming about each other's lips and hiding from each other's presence.

But they're still in control.
What happens when that control snaps? 

You get lots of sly looks, make out sessions and late night talks away from the eyes of sworn rivalry around them.

Do not steal please. COPYRIGHTED!

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esthy_me esthy_me Feb 17
They both have their friend squads made up of their enemy's enemies?
luv_ish_na luv_ish_na Feb 09
i love those books❤ plus Queen and Knight is my favourite book on wattpad
it’s probably some unnecessary and extra reason i can feel it
These people wow
                              I can’t keep a grudge for longer than an year
I could never be any of these people because I can’t hold a grudge