The Heart Always Knows Where Home Is (Sequel To TBDOL)

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Nicole By Dance2012 Completed
Now that Asiah is with Elijah how will her life change now that she's someone mom and what happens with Elijah's baby mama, Cassidy comes into the picture? Will she break Asiah and Elijah up? Is their relationship strong enough for all the problems that will come their way? Ever since Chris and Asiah broke up he's been a mess he's been hopping in and out of relationships with each women he dates there are problems can he ever get over the fact that these women aren't Asiah or will Chris try to win her heart again? Drake is now married to Nicki they seem happy but everything isn't what it seems can they put their relationship back together before it completely falls apart? Find out what these couples endure it's all in the name of love.
    *Part 2 in the Chris Brown & Drake Love Series*
Whoa!! When did Angel get a kid??? Is Kevin even the dad?? This already good
im loving the sequel so far. by any chance is jordin and devon related to elijah?