The Dracula Index ✔

The Dracula Index ✔

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COMPLETE! The Wasteland. A woman screams in the night. Spotlights flash on a pile of dust in the desolate patch of land that lay just beyond the tall crosses that picket the boundary of Encampment R-34. A group of curious students leave their bunkhouse to investigate. They are caught by the Elders and punished. 

Commencement Day. When job appointments are handed out, Mell and Bryne hear the worst news of all - they are assigned the life-job of General Task and will be working on the expansion plan that takes them beyond the safety of the camp. 

Fate leads the inquisitive pair into the ruined skeleton of a deserted encampment, and a working computer called the Chronoscope. After scanning a journal they unearthed from the Wasteland into the terminal, a collection of centuries old letters associated with keywords in the journal is compiled. New data about Patient Zero uploads to a detachable reader. It is called the Dracula Index. 

VAMPIRE EPOCH is a series of "mashup fiction", merging original content with work from the public domain. Here, in this post-apocalyptic landscape, you are given the opportunity to experience your favorite'd.

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