Dress Me ||z.m.

Dress Me ||z.m.

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A blimp w/ a limp By TeaIsForTimi Completed

**Book 2 titled Keep Me is up**

The lights were off, all except the emergency light that flickered every now and then. I got chills just being here by my lonesome... at least I thought I were. I heard the door then footsteps coming directly towards me.             

"Hello?" I called out, angling my head to get a clearer view. I waited a couple seconds then suddenly I saw this dark figure walk under the emergency light. The moment the light hit those soft brown eyes, I knew exactly who it was, feeling safe enough to turn my attention back to closing the closet door. "What are you doing here?" I asked,  throwing him a look over my shoulder.  I felt him coming closer behind me, causing me to turn around.              

 "I came here to be dressed," He was now inches away from me. "Isn't that your job, babe?"                    

"Only for the next hour and a half," I said, backing up as he moved closer. When I felt the doors of the closet pressed against my back, a couple of swears escaped my mouth and I knew that I had no other choice  but to await his next move.

He was now an inch away from my face, staring me directly in the eyes. He leaned down to my ear, grazing it before he spoke.                          

 "Then dress me."

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oheymaybegay oheymaybegay May 25, 2016
Just BC I'm from the south (Georgia represtingggggggg) don't mean we always say y'all....                                  Like seriously y'all mofos needa stap
Hoodlumss Hoodlumss Aug 10, 2015
I was born in the city so it doesn't sound like I'm riding horses and fighting crime in the wild Wild West. Lmao
zarryaffection zarryaffection Jun 26, 2015
technically most zayn stories are interracial bc zayn isnt white  but i get what u mean i agree !!!!
emmawrites1D emmawrites1D Dec 13, 2014
Interracial is something I wish people wrote more about.  Myself included.
delusionhal delusionhal Nov 15, 2014
Finally a interracial fanfic. I'm black so I will love this.
JarPad_and_JenAck JarPad_and_JenAck Sep 05, 2014
You're very talented. Just by reading your first chapter. I love it!!!! Please keep writing!!!