A Good Different  (Naruto Various x reader)

A Good Different (Naruto Various x reader)

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Bre-chan By B_Nara Updated Sep 20, 2018

I do not own Naruto or the characters I only own Kai and a couple more credit goes to MASASHI KISHIMOTO!!!

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Kai Hatake is an 12 year old girl who is the daughter of Kakashi Hatake. She was born with Zozeku the Eleven-Tailed Ice Wolf aka 'The Failed Tailed Wolf.' from her mother. 

And the Tweleve-Tailed Dragon sealed in her. She's a failed Jinchuuriki like her mother but she wants to prove to other people that she's just not her mother. 

She touches most people hearts without even knowing. She is basically overpowered as most would say. 

She's a Hybrid due to the blood of The Dragon and Wolf, She has the Strength of a Hundr
ed Seal on her forehead. 

She always thought it was a weird birthmark so she covered it up with her short silver hair.