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Follow the yellow brick road...Ya right!

Follow the yellow brick road...Ya right!

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Debbie ( But everyone calls me Tom. Don’t ask why XD) By Just_let_go Updated Jul 02, 2012

Dorothy is the ultimate good girl. She does all her homework on time, listens to everyone, and is nice to everyone (even the mean bitches at her school.) But the day her art teacher, Ms. Camos, gives her a new art assignment she’s forced to work with the bad boy, Kellen. Good girl+bad boy=not good. But things actually look better than it seems. That is until; Kellen gets into a fight with his parents and wants to runaway. With her. But, she can’t! That would be not following anything about being a good girl! In the end, she goes on the run with him. 

And she instantly regrets it as the police start looking for them. And now, Dorothy has somehow gotten attention from a mafia prince! Kellen later than gets caught. But the police can’t seem to find Dorothy. That’s when she meets Nicki, a  16 year old girl from New York city who ran away 2 years ago, David, an 18 year old boy from Toronto who ran away, 3 or 4 years ago. And Raffi, a 12 year old boy who ran away with his older sister but lost her a few months back. The 4 of them run for their lives and never want to go back to their hateful unhappy old lives. They love being on the run. But things turn bad as Raffi and Nicki get kidnap. How will Dorothy be brave when she couldn’t even tell her aunt and uncle that she wanted to live her life her way? And even more important WILL she braven up to rescue them before something awful and vile happens to them?

Dream_Luver Dream_Luver Jul 03, 2012
i love the wizard of oz i love the play wicked more but on to what i was here for that was a very nicely written kept me entertained ;D
smilejustbcuz smilejustbcuz Dec 16, 2010
Hahaha too funny, having, the name, the aunt, the uncle, the dog, AND a restaurant named 'The Oz' That'd be funny in real life :P
just_shut_up just_shut_up Jun 11, 2010
THAT WAS SOOO GOOD!!! if u dont become a writer i am going to kill you!!!
GUMBiiE GUMBiiE May 27, 2010
lol .. I havn't read, or seen 'The wizard of oz' sooo yeah [just a randon fact, hahaha]