Reader x Heroes of Olympus characters

Reader x Heroes of Olympus characters

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Nicole A. By WeirdGal17 Updated Apr 12, 2016

Jason Grace being your secret admirer?  Percy Jackson stealing kisses from you? Captain Leo Valdez as one of you fans? And Nico di Angelo stuck in your friend-zone?! Now that's a TON of admirers! Now, onto the real question:

Who will you choose?

Come aboard at the Argo II, enter Camp Half-Blood OR Camp Jupiter, go on a quest and meet demigods!

-Nicole A.

Can you do a Leo x reader where the reader is a daughter of Poseidon and Percy is being all persassy on Leo and saying things like you're not good enough for my sister and maybe even include something like "you two are as different as night and day. fire and water don't mix"
Nico x Reader where the reader hides her true feelings, never allowing herself to be sad. She has to be strong for others, and then Nico finds out or something. I'm sorry, I just don't know. Maybe all the pain and hurt explodes or something. Please and thank you, I would appreciate it if you did.
ShiroYami01 ShiroYami01 Dec 27, 2016
Could you do Nico di Angelo x male!reader? It would be really appreciated.
YouTube_Is_Life56 YouTube_Is_Life56 Nov 01, 2016
I never hesitate. When someone mentions something I like in class, I gasp like I need mouth to mouth.
Milkikeu Milkikeu Jul 10, 2016
Could I request a Reader X Nico X Will? Love Triangles are fun XD
dragonsofberk1stfan dragonsofberk1stfan Nov 01, 2016
When i read the Nicole A. Thing in the book description, it struck me as wierd because my friends name is Nicola and if you move the A to where the e is in Nicole A. You will get Nicola