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Symmetry [Soul Eater Fanfic]

Symmetry [Soul Eater Fanfic]

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Niiikooowl~ By CHATaclysmic_Noir Completed

Death the Kid was sent to do a mission only reapers can handle. But some twist happened. The enemy was really symmetrical. He can't even dare to attack. He was about to die when some girl spared him,killing the enemy who was supposed to end the young shinigami. Kid was about to give his thanks when the girl left with a blink of an eye. Will they still meet after the happening ?

In the words of my friend sea bass *clears throat* * straightens bowtie* That's kinky * eyebrow wiggle *
What kind of dessert are they in? A mound of chocolate fudge? Cupcakes? Cookies??
Teacher: What does the cow give you?
                              Students: Beef!
                              Teacher: What does the chicken give you?
                              Students: Chicken!
                              Teacher: Very good, everyone. Now what does the pig give you?
                              Students: HOMEWORK
What if we mix Giraffes and Symmetry together? What well we get?
While my friend ships Kid x Maka, I ship Kid x The Ground.  *starts the fanfictions*