Give Me More. (Exo/All Otps especially ChanBaek) ON HOLD

Give Me More. (Exo/All Otps especially ChanBaek) ON HOLD

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Mitsu Kiyoshi By Zayn_rock_me_plz Updated Nov 27, 2016

Byun Baekhyun. 
A charming and innocent, average guy who is deeply in love with the school's bad boy Park Chanyeol. 

Park Chanyeol.
 A dark and mysterious being and everyone around him seems to get hurt

What people don't that he's actually not that heartless deep down. And it occurs that Chanyeol feels the same way about Baekhyun, that Baekhyun feels for him.

Will they be able to make it through all the obstacles life throws at them or will they just give up the fight and go their seperate ways.

Join Baekhyun and Chanyeol along with the rest of their friends on their Journey of love, misconception, situations and understanding

(Yeah its lame, but I didn't know what to put.) Has sex scenes so if you're under 14 or don't like sex then don't read. Not like you're gonna listen anyways.

So just enjoy it then ♡

porkchanloey porkchanloey Dec 10, 2017
Chanyeol can you just stop making me choke on every single word you say
sehunsnoseisbig sehunsnoseisbig Dec 31, 2017
i love science...
                              my score on my exam is 50/50
                              i'm not bragging
NotSoInnocentShit NotSoInnocentShit Nov 05, 2017
Ok so I was reading this paragraph on Kris' Bday so.....yeah...
KpopGemini345 KpopGemini345 Apr 18, 2016
This is every fangirl's dream expect we aren't the 'slutty girls', and we aren't  Baekhyun we are just fangirl's from afar yet loners maybe it's not really a fangirl's dream.😅😐
                              TEE HEE!!!!✌🏻️
Zayn_rock_me_plz Zayn_rock_me_plz Nov 08, 2015
Don't worry things will work out eventually for them. Haha good ideas tho.
Zayn_rock_me_plz Zayn_rock_me_plz Nov 08, 2015
Nae but don't get head over heels yet. There is more drama to come. Hehe