The Myriad Chronicles | Book Two: Embersong

The Myriad Chronicles | Book Two: Embersong

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Faera Lane By FayLane Completed

With Ther's time running out, Guin and Lorn continue their search for the Sorcerer's book. Their quest will take them to the realm of Sarn, where man and dragon wage war over the mountains. As Guin's powers continue to manifest and Lorn deals with repercussions from his past, trouble is brewing in Dwol, where Matta is fighting for her life.

As Book Two of The Myriad Chronicles unfolds, Guin, Lorn and their companions will encounter dragonfire, a feisty princess, a mysterious feud and the perils of fashionable dinners as they race against time to complete their quest.

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1st Draft
COMPLETED: 5/23/2018
FEATURED: October 2018 

Cover by yours truly.

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