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Divergent: Candor or Dauntless

Divergent: Candor or Dauntless

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Tris By kimpa11173789 Updated Sep 03, 2014

Truth or Dare (Candor or Dauntless) with Tris and the gang!!

RoPrior RoPrior Mar 04, 2016
You have just made my fangirl so hard. I love no war Fourtris stories including Candor or Dauntless.  Even funnier with the Pedrads
DauntlessEatonPrior DauntlessEatonPrior Nov 23, 2015
They both should be on peace serum, together cause then it will be funny I'm laughing right now
Wheres_My_Wheat_Jam Wheres_My_Wheat_Jam Sep 23, 2015
This is hilarious. I'm writing my fist story so it would be great if you could read it it's called From Brave to Peace
- - Aug 29, 2015
this is hilarious four should never be on the peace serum again
bruh_its_kylie bruh_its_kylie Mar 30, 2015
oh my god that has to be in alligent oh my god it just has to
MysticSamuri MysticSamuri Dec 30, 2014
that is so hilarious to see four doing that would be amazing