Moonless World [EDITING]

Moonless World [EDITING]

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Lory Fernandes By fantalf Updated May 25

Close your eyes... Can you hear the waves crashing in the rocks? Can you smell the sea air? It's all around you. But that's all there is.

There's no ground left to this land. The gods have abandoned us and took the magic with them. The New Pirates roam the oceans looking for anything that's still alive, and the creatures of the night will hunt everyone who's still standing.

You are one of the last humans alive and believe me when I say having magic here is as good as being dead. I'm sorry you had to wake up like that, Caelie. Be careful now, my girl, trust no one and don't ever go near the ocean.


"Long ago, when the world didn't exist yet, two gods shared the most beautiful love. But the Great God had a challenge to them. He created our world and asked the lovers to look after it.

The Sun, master of the living things, King of the Light. He should illuminate the lives of the creatures of the planets and guide them.

The Moon, Queen of Darkness, beautiful and elegant. She should guide the travelers through the night and give them light when despair ruled.

The lovers were forced apart, and although every living thing in the world admired them, they became hopeless because they could never meet again.

As time went by, the Moon became weaker. She couldn't handle the loneliness.

Not even the stars, her friends, were able to ease the pain.

Then she fell.

The world broke.

And the Moonless World rose."

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Molly515 Molly515 May 18
Carlie’s thoughts should always start a new paragraph and not be in the middle of one
im2rad4u im2rad4u May 16
I love the concept of giving the sun and moon not only backstories, but even personalities to the point of people idolizing them and worshipping them
im2rad4u im2rad4u May 16
I think the woman might have something to do with the sun and moon. As far as the legend goes, I find it really unique and intriguing. I've honestly never heard anything like it!
im2rad4u im2rad4u May 16
Just from reading the descriptions I feel just as cold as Caelie
Molly515 Molly515 May 18
                              I loved this chapter! I love all the world building you included. The legend of the Sun and the Moon was definitely interesting. Definitely an enjoyable chapter from start to end!
im2rad4u im2rad4u May 16
I find what just happened a little scary, but for the most part calming :D