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Open Your Eyes \\ TeenWolf

Open Your Eyes \\ TeenWolf

113K Reads 3.3K Votes 22 Part Story
wondersland By wondersland Completed

❝Everyone's masks crumble around me, whether they let them consciously or not, they just always do.❞

\\extended summary inside\\
[book 1]

kenzawenza kenzawenza Jun 05, 2016
Now I need to apologize to all of my former teachers for doubting them and thinking I would never use anything they taught me because... THIS IS FORESHADOWING I THINK
                              unless it isn't in which case HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... no apologies for them
Ella_Risbe Ella_Risbe Mar 24, 2016
AHHH IS THAT HER NIKNAME? Awesome. (I just thought straight to Allison's last name legit).
zoeestilinski_ zoeestilinski_ Feb 13, 2016
Just asking this now. Are there any love interests in this story or is this just a story about her journey?
Davey_Hale Davey_Hale Apr 12, 2016
It's sad how many times I have used that line on my mom when she tells me to stop reading and enjoy life....
nightowl25 nightowl25 Feb 11, 2016
Are you serious, there are like, only five locations on teen wolf were all the shet goes down, and that hospital is one of them
Ella_Risbe Ella_Risbe Mar 24, 2016
Dude, this is you jinxing it like Elena; AKA "Nothing bad happens in Mystic Falls."