My Cheating Mate

My Cheating Mate

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teeBlue By teeBlue Updated Jun 24, 2014

When the two mates found each other, she was strong. She was a fighter and a warrior. She was the perfect Luna.

Then he began cheating.

And she couldn't stop him.

She was hopeless. She felt naive and miserable. She hated what her relationship had turned into.

But she did not feel blind...and that was the worst part, because she knew. 

She knew that her mate was cheating on her.

And she was so broken - so hurt - that she couldn't find the strength to fight for him or fight against him.

parsnip1980 parsnip1980 Jul 13
Great name! My friends cat has the same name... the cat is so cute
Cole is her mate
                              I've summed up this book already
                              I'm still gonna read it
pyjamaparty pyjamaparty May 03
What type of education are you getting going to school for only three months? I'm so mystified? What do you learn?
chrishek chrishek Jul 07
If you are new to this story advised that it just stops after 15th chapter and is incomplete. The author seems to have abandoned it
I'm sure this gonna take me to emotion roller coaster . Well hello Imma read it tomorrow !
Tagilala Tagilala Sep 03
I'm a tomboy, yet I still want love, you don't have to be girly to want love