Blood Is Love? (Gaara love story) *Editing*

Blood Is Love? (Gaara love story) *Editing*

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I will be editing through the chapters so I will put a * notification when it is edited. 

Chi Ketsueki is of the Ketsueki clan. At a young age her clan decided that they wanted to join forces with the Uchiha, so they decided that Chi was to be wed to Sasuke. But before any decisions could be finalized the Uchiha murdered all of the Ketsueki and drained their special blood for their own use. Chi, who witnessed everything, had gone insane and made the decision to kill any Uchiha she came in contact with. Of course it would wait after her Kawaii-kun who she loved so much that she gave him her heart.

Gaara x oc fanfic

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anwen444 anwen444 Nov 01
I don't know why, but when I read the title of this, all I could think about was
                              🎶What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!🎶
Alanah_Zoldyck Alanah_Zoldyck Mar 29, 2016
This is legit like my fourth time reading this book....I just love it soooo much you did a FANTASTIC job with this book Share Gif:
                              Warning tmi lies ahead
                              Chi ketsueki?
                               Sounds like when I'm on my period
                              I warned ya
Thecrippledsadness Thecrippledsadness Aug 27, 2016
Every time I read the title I always sing 
                              I laughed to hard at my own comment.....plz just kill meh I have sinned
Emriyes Emriyes May 29, 2016
You know her name pretty much means blood blood in English.Oh well it's your story and love it btw
Mental-Kitten Mental-Kitten Feb 27, 2016
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH*fangirling like a little bitch*
                              Phycopathic murders AND blood
                              I might pass out
                              That is part of the reason Gaara is my FAVORITE
                              2 favorite
                              1 is Akumaru