No Stars - A Nico Di Angelo Love Story

No Stars - A Nico Di Angelo Love Story

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"You're a demigod. What's your name?"


The boy in front of me narrows his eyes as if he is debating on a decision. Black hair falls into his face but he doesn't move it. He is twisting his skull ring around and around on his finger. Finally, he holds out his hand, gesturing for me to take it. 

"Come with me."

ConiiK ConiiK May 15
Your trailer is awesome!! What movie/show did you use for it??
I love the trailer but who plays Nico? I want to know his actual name so I can search him up and get his image in my brain for whenever he's mentioned
Please tell me this doesn't end like the your Leo Valdez fanfic. My feelings won't be able to handle this if it does......
Micavm18 Micavm18 Mar 26
I've already read it.It's the best!I mean,0 spelling mistakes,a fabulous story and the author keeps the original Rick riordan character's personality!
Cool.  Nice video. I thought at the beginning it was a horror movie so I was like.... Dam...What's happening? But it's cool! 👍
                              You made that?
                              Omg omg
                              Im gonna have the biggest fanboy moment!!!
                              That was awesome and i can already tell this is gonna be an AMAZING story!!!!