Strip Me Clean (A Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

Strip Me Clean (A Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

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After Harry had grown up in an orphanage since birth, he finally escaped.

He left.

He couldn’t take being in the place anymore.

At the age of 16, Harry was already on the streets.

He needed a job and now.

When he runs into a man, he gets offered a job that he never thought he’d be doing.

And now, at the age of 22, Harry was one of the best strippers in his clan.

Harry hated the job. He just hated people in general.

But, it did pay well.

When Louis goes into this strip club for his birthday, what happens when he produces feelings for the dark eyed, loud mouth stripper boy who hates relationships, hugging, kissing, hand holding, physical contact, and more?

Louis wants one thing.

To strip Harry clean.

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devillarrie devillarrie Jul 23
Lou wants that one thing and Harry has that one thing 
                              IM CRYING.
laptypool laptypool Sep 08
Strip that down for me. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Strip that down....
Why is everyone saying first time😂
                              Okay you're excited we get it lmao
devillarrie devillarrie Jul 22
I'm emotionally not ready for everything's that's bound to happen tbh
devillarrie devillarrie Jul 23
at the age of 16, he left the bakery to compete in the X factor, to be put into a band, which became being mega stars*