Cemetery Drive

Cemetery Drive

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Ciara-Mist By Ciara-Mist Updated Oct 21, 2018

(A Twenty One Pilots Fanfiction)

"I have this new song I think you're gonna like. I don't have a real name for it yet, so for now I'm calling it Cemetery Drive."
"Cemetery Drive? Who are you, My Chemical Romance?" 
"It's a work in progress, okay? Besides, I'd like to see you come up with a better name."

Kelsey Howards was hurting. She was a lot of other things, like sad, angry, confused, and a maker of bad decisions, but most of all, she was hurting. After watching her hopes and dreams be snatched from her by one bad visit to a doctor's office, she begins to fall into a downward spiral leaving her broken and confused. Running away from the only home she ever knew, the one that supported and loved her, she begins to pick up a ritual that most people found unnerving. She would walk into a cemetery, pick a random grave, and begin to talk to the person buried there. Of course, they wouldn't talk back, but that wasn't the point. 

Making her way to Columbus, Ohio, she finds herself in a cemetery where someone she wishes she could have met was buried. While talking to the grave, she was found by the last person she wanted to be found by. She was found by none other than Tyler Joseph. And that's just where the story begins.

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