The Witch of Long Shadows (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 2)

The Witch of Long Shadows (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 2)

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Regina Saint Claire By exlibrisregina Completed

In the Sequel to The Ghosts of Dark Hollow, Hannah is now a wealthy young heiress living in Blackshire Manor. In an attempt to keep the spirits permanently at bay to protect her family, Hannah dabbles with her great grandfather's book of shadows and discovers that he was part of a secret coven: a worldwide network of witches now set on casting a spell on Hannah. Crushed by his latest romantic foibles, Sebastian returns to Blackshire and helps her uncover the mystery, while Hannah finds some romance of her own.

*The first draft is complete, and I'll be editing as I post and update. As always, your votes, comments, and feedback are appreciated. 


Cover design: Consuelo Parra
Model: Faestock.deviantart

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ScottDavis9 ScottDavis9 Mar 21
Nice beginning to the story. Looking forward to reading what you have planned for Hannah & Co in this book. 🙂
KenPoirier KenPoirier May 22
I get why she's in a hurry to get into the car. It's raining. But why is she in such a hurry to drive away?
ScottDavis9 ScottDavis9 Mar 23
As my dad used to say, "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it".  😀 I have a bad feeling her spell is going to backfire in some way. 😱
Have Mrs. Deacons, or have to ask Mrs. Deacons  I’m so glad you’re writing a sequel!
Fun chapter! Like most children giving that choice, - given that choice