"Best Friends" (GxG)

"Best Friends" (GxG)

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Lovemymate223 By Lovemymate223 Updated Nov 21, 2014

"We're just friends" they say.

"We are just really close" they claim

"We don't like each other like that" they deny.

"She's just my best friend" they repeat.

Lies. When new girl Neytiri Moreno arrives at Parks High School, she immediately clicks with Amina Fire. The two quickly become close, so close however, that their friends start to suspect something's going on between the two. What happens when they start to notice the things their friends notice? What happens when their feelings for each other start to change? What happens to these "Best Friends"?

I don't think best friends kiss each other, and cuddle like that.
I don't think bestfriends sleep naked together, or kiss eachother ?
nachtmusik nachtmusik Dec 02, 2016
So far I see an obsessive relationship o.O I mean they're cute, but they're neglecting their friends completely, like they're in their own world. That's somewhat of a bad relationship imo.
camren2344 camren2344 Jan 09, 2016
Lol ..Squishy. Lol dory always kills ne with laughter. Lmfao..
Papi_Jauregui Papi_Jauregui Oct 13, 2015
You will like her like Carly eventually. Even if I don't know how that is xD