Speak Now (On Hold)

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Victoria By Hooha84 Updated 3 years ago
"I softly press my lips against hers causing me to be breathless once again and high off of the taste of her mouth. We both pull away gasping for air as I feel her getting weaker and weaker under my touch. I carefully place my hand under her chin and rub my lips against her face. "It's ok to be afraid of this feeling. It scares me to death but, I'm not willing to give up on you. I have never wanted anything more in my whole life." I whisper into her neck and then softly press my lips under her ear. I can feel her whole body tremble from my words as a tear soaks her cheek and slides down my face."<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Time changes everything and everyone. Sometimes when you want something more than life, you have to give up everything to get it. This is what Kade believes. He thinks that he has been through all that life can throw at him but, he is wrong. His life changes drastically when he meets her. One simple, beautiful, shy and uncertain girl. She is everything that he's ever dreamed of. Is that enough for him to give everything up? Let down his dead parents and everything that he's worked for for the last five years. People will get crushed, hearts will get broken, lives will be changed. Some not for the better.
Hope u get a chance to complete this it ia amazing so far. =)
Why th hell is he looking @ another girl when he has a girlfriend?! X(  I wonder how his girlfriend is. I'm hoping tht she is a stuck up ragin b***h so he will choose tht other girl, evn though I hav a feeling tht other girl has an arranged marriage goin on
So far I like the story! Why does Kade has a girlfriend? -_- And is thinking about this beautiful girl? Guys!!
Are you going to continue with this book?  I really love it so far and all of your other books as well I think you are an awesome writer!
to the writer of speak now...
                                    please can you update this story?..i hope it will be very soon..please..
Lovely Book(: Read the first sentence and I couldn't stop reading the book!!! Cant wait for more(: xx