Like a lamb to the slaughter. •Green Day

Like a lamb to the slaughter. •Green Day

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HELLA MEGA By lilalternativekid Updated Aug 13, 2018

dear diary- or red notebook. 

hi. I'm Billie Joe. I'm quiet. 

people call me stupid. they call me weird.

i like rock, i just get super nervous when I talk to anyone. 

i don't have yknow, autism or like schizophrenia. 


I said heyyooo!! 
it's me. I'm here I'm queer so get used to it. (Its the author) this isn't gonna be some fuckn extravaganza story like everything else I write. 
Well, there will be more bands involved in this story. 
Rage and Love forever 

Fuck what's my name?

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