The Storm ~~ A Klance Mermaid AU Fanfic ~~

The Storm ~~ A Klance Mermaid AU Fanfic ~~

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Mercy AKA Modeophobia By MERCY_ISH_ME Updated Aug 07

Lance always did what his parents said. He would stay in the cove and follow orders. He only went to the surface when allowed. One day, as he was collecting shells for his mother, a terrible storm struck.

Now Lance finds himself injured, and stuck on the surface with a strange boy named Keith.

EDIT!!: in the middle of being rewritten and heavily edited! Updates are postponed for the time being!

DISCLAIMER: The art and characters do not belong to me. Voltron belongs to Dreamworks, but the storyline belongs to me. The art that is featured in here (including the cover) goes to its original owners.

(Updates whenever I can, sorry if I don't update for long amounts of time :l)

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