O R P H A N ● TOM RIDDLE FANFIC [Harry Potter Fanfiction] // SPORADIC

O R P H A N ● TOM RIDDLE FANFIC [Harry Potter Fanfiction] // SPORADIC

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Marnie • มานิกา • Vilaisit By marniest Updated Oct 23, 2017

We've all been told stories as children, but my mother's stories were anything but tales. They were orders, they were rules, and they were the secrets to keep until my last dying breath. 

I was born into a sad fate, and a life that would never be mine. Thrust into a world of deceit, chaos, and the lingering foretelling of death, 
I, Vivienne Rosewood, solemnly swear that I am only ever up to no good.

How could I ever be good when the only people around are bad?   

But why would that matter, when this life will never be mine? 
Could you imagine that? Would you understand? 
Even with Tom Riddle holding your hand?

My eyes belong to another, and my heart belongs to two. I will scour the earth for eternity, but I will always go back to you. I am but a wandering soul, until the day I die, I hope for better for worse I will never speak your lies.

I'm an Orphan. I'm a Liar. I'm a Rose.

And till my last dying breath I will always be yours to hold.

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O R P H A N is also available in: 
Spanish @odaironfire

The reason this story is 18+ Mature is because it does go into a lot of psychological stuff. Drugs, sex, abuse, etc... This story is dark, and revolves around younglings that will experience horrors. I fear that it may be triggering to some, and others under the age of 18 I'd just rather not expose them to this without warning.  
Of course there's romance; any and every story I right has romance. But, just a forewarning , this is some dark stuff you're going to be reading. 

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- - Apr 28, 2017
Thinking of abandoning, eh? Better think twice
                              *cracks knuckles*
When parents leave their children behind bc, there are no other relatives?
LisaRyna LisaRyna Dec 28, 2017
Oh hell no 
                              HOE MY GOD DID SHE FALL IN LOVE WITH HER FATHER FROM THE PasT? (Please do ignore me im just confused)
spookai spookai Sep 22, 2017
@kieza_althea22  na triggered ako sa name Vivie iro ni Sehun 😂
eliachanel eliachanel Jan 07, 2017
I love how it is written like a little girl.
                              What she thinks in such a young age.
                              I mean - it is not all serious, and I kinda like that.
                              Anyway carry on.
alittlebitbonkers alittlebitbonkers Sep 14, 2015
My attention has been caught, and I have begun to let myself get ensnared in this web of written magic.