Edible Desires

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Shazneem Tamana By ShazneemTamana Updated 3 years ago
A set of poems of Edible Desires. Desires that are edible pushing you towards other desires. Read and Imagine hmmm yummy What Fun!
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Okay! Um, Let tell you I will never ever look at toast the same way, I might just have to think about some things before I eat it. No, Lol I'm serious :-P
Well uh thats one way of putting it i can safely say ill never look at toast the same way :c O.O
Never have I ever read something orgasmic about food.
                                    Mind. Blown.
                                    Thank you
Now whenever I eat toast I have an orgasim....... Thank you @/ShazneemTamana!
Only you Shaz can turn eating toast into something sexual.....lol.....
I'll never eat toast with my careless chomp, chew n swallow the same again