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olivia By Aivilo Updated Aug 07, 2011

All Saedy had wanted was to become a weather reporter. So where do dragons and monarchs come into this? She and her best friend Zeek must travel back and forth in more than one way, trying to find the truth of this strange transformation that has fallen upon them. With a war unknown to society looming on the horizon, things will get tougher as they are unwillingly tossed all over the world. When they finally return back home, a truth is uncovered that nobody could have expected.

Praise for Cloudless~: "Nicely written . . . I think I may enjoy this." "There's something about the way you write . . . it's really good, and pretty funny!" "I found your story pretty entertaining! . . . I actually think it's clever and works . . ." "Love your writing style . . . What an entertaining read!"

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