Reaching For The Trigger 4

Reaching For The Trigger 4

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Call Me Daisy By UrbanLegend_ Updated Jul 23, 2015

Quincy Jones

The hot water and fresh steam felt like the perfect atmosphere for this moment. The lust filled the air as our rubbed against each other. I could tell my slow strokes had her wanting more.

"Damn Q" she moaned in my ear. Her legs squeezed my hips tighter and her nails dug into my skin. 

I grabbed her butt cheeks and held her up against the glass shower. I sucked on her neck and she wrapped her legs around my waists. "Im bout' to cum." she moaned. 

I could feel the moment getting more intense. Her legs squeezed me tighter and her nails dug deeper. I sped up as I felt myself getting closer to nut. "Come on baby." she said.

Before I knew it, we both came together. She unwrapped her legs and stood straight up. She kissed me on the lips and exited the shower. I turned off the water and got out behind her. 

"Damn, Kay what was that?" I asked, feeling used. I grabbed a towel off the rack and dryed myself off some then wrapped it around my waist.

"What was what?" she asked....

angel_wingz11 angel_wingz11 Dec 15, 2017
Imma get my gloves. My pistol. And give little miss Kay a visit
RoseeeeBabyyyy RoseeeeBabyyyy Oct 22, 2016
A group of females lookin for a wealthy ass drug dealer always ends like this.
RoseeeeBabyyyy RoseeeeBabyyyy Oct 22, 2016
Quincy gon be all sweet n let her stay too n end up fuckin her too. Bet.😒
RoyYal RoyYal Jan 24, 2017
I wun be surprised , it is possible to be revived , she just prolly want breathing at the moment
RoseeeeBabyyyy RoseeeeBabyyyy Oct 22, 2016
Im so done with them. They come face to face with kyree many times n just run they mouth. They just needa shoot his ass to death n b done. But ima keep reading.