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He's a warrior. She's a psycho.

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     "   I pulled away slightly to peek up at my destined mate and saw the heated glare plastered to his features, but more than anything he seemed concerned. He seemed to see straight into my soul as we stared at each other, and Ezra's hand came up to brush away tears I hadn't realized escaped to trail down my face. 

     As his fingertips brush my skin, the warmth travels across my pores. My hair stood on end at the wonderful sensation. 

     "Who did this to you?" He asks me, but this question isn't like the other ones before. It's tender and merciful, everything a mate should be. 

     Everything he hadn't been to me so far.   "

     Klepto is an Omega with a horrible habit. Stealing. Trampled under the feet of her pack members, despised for her theiving ways, Klepto has spent years dreaming of the day her mate would take her away from a world of pain and abuse. Little did she know her soul mate would be a 6'6" lycan warrior determined to ignore her at every turn. 

     Ezra craves to prove his strength and ability in battle. When his team is assigned to protect a pack in the mountains of West Virginia, he is anything but thrilled. When he spots the little, curvy werewolf that happens to be his soul mate, he finds his entire world shifting. 

     Klepto is a thief, and she knows just how to steal his heart.

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