My Boyfriend The Bully || KTH ff {COMPLETED}

My Boyfriend The Bully || KTH ff {COMPLETED}

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He grabbed my shirt, pushing me up against the wall. 

"You'll go out with me, or else..."

His eyes narrowed threateningly.


Hazel's school year changes when a group of boys move to her school in America. 

They're a famous k-pop group known as BTS. 

She's heard of them, but didn't really seem that interested. 

She finds them sort of annoying. Mainly because the whole school is drooling over them. 

One member finds her different. 


He had started to bug Hazel. 

People started to think they were a thing since Taehyung was always annoying her and being rude and stuff. 

He had taken advantage of that and had told Hazel she'd date him or else...

What will happen with Taehyung and Hazel? 

Will they form real feelings for each other?

A/N : Yes, that description is / sounds cliche, but I didn't know how else to word it

I will unpublish the bonus chapters a month after I finish the book along with the tag chapters. 

Warning : Read the special chapters at your own risk. Any special chapters before the Christmas Special may contain spoilers. 


A huge thanks to @-xuminghow for the amazing cover!!

Thanks to @jiminsleftpinkie for inspiring me to write this story

Also, a big thanks to @shraddha2124 for helping me through this writing process

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Thanks @Taelien052 for the art


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Started: March 31st, 2018
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