The Fallen Angel (Uchiha Love Story)

The Fallen Angel (Uchiha Love Story)

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Nakama Rina. 

Since birth, she's been given titles well-known to the shinobi population. Her life is, and will always be, a struggle. She's seen things that shouldn't be seen through adolescent eyes. She's experienced things that the young shouldn't experience. 

She could be a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy. Others percieve her as an angel. She sees herself as a fallen one.

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*looks at a burning tree*
                              Tree: MURDER! 
                              *looks at a wall*
                              Wall: MURDER!! 
                              *looks at a black bird*
                              Black Bird: MURDER!! 
                              *looks at a rock*
                              Rock: MURDER!! 
                              Sorry... 😁😁😁
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17 years old with the height of 4'11"
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What I want to happen to those wretched monkey bars! Only swings aloud!