101 Mates(Abandoned)

101 Mates(Abandoned)

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JayBlueBird By JayBlueBird Updated Jul 06, 2016

"Damn, do you see those thighs? I love the way they jiggle." Rock said while nearly drooling.

"Yeah. And that ass, it f*cking quakes!" Brick said, also salivating heavily.

"Uh guys," I touched the corner of my mouth, "You have a little drool coming out."

They both shot daggers at me but quickly returned to staring through her window. I sighed, how will we keep our hands off her? Her scent was out there, on the wind, in the ground, soaking into the dead, crumpled leaves who had long since abandoned their mother tree.

It was wonderful and comforting. She was everywhere, she had left her fragrant smell on every inch of the wooden cabin-like house and its large grounds. How? I wondered. 'Who cares? This is our soulmate. All of ours.' My mountian lion hissed.

"We need to tell Leo. And we need to plan. Rus, come on." Ned nudged my arm and we all moved to the cars and drove off.

I'm kinda just playing with this idea so any suggestions where to take it would be lovely :)

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HotChocolateSyrup HotChocolateSyrup Jul 24, 2016
101 mates😱 I'm stunned into silence.
                              I don't even know how to remember their names now 😤
the_escapee the_escapee Apr 13, 2016
how am I gonna manage to remember 101 names this is the real question
the_escapee the_escapee Apr 13, 2016
well I'm just here to say oh my god this is so stupid omg 101 mates also I'm here for this idea lets go
Loveangeljay Loveangeljay Mar 16, 2016
I hate abuse papa is an awful person for doing this for any reason and definitely harsh for breaking a plate
Koffee_KatYT Koffee_KatYT Jun 15, 2016
Ermegersh I can barley remember all 30 class mates I have, you have GOT to be kidding if there are 101 mates...
Koffee_KatYT Koffee_KatYT Jun 15, 2016
I have NEVER been grounded in my life. I slapped a girl in the face. SLAPPED her and I just got stuck with washing dishes for a whole week