The Last Robot

The Last Robot

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T. J. P.   CAMPBELL By tjpcampbell Completed

This is a novel pushing the limits of psychological attack. One might call it an extreme form of gas lighting. Meet the ever-changing future of humanity. The reader is kept guessing for the majority of the novel as to what the reality of the situation truly is.

So just who is in danger? With three types of humans, two alien races and a race of human originated self-aware robots, the stakes could not be higher as the lives of each and every one of these species are threatened with mass extinction or enslavement.

Ready to take the ride? This highly entertaining sci-fi novel is an interstellar affair.

The Last Robot is a 152,000 word sci-fi novel by T. J. P. Campbell divided into 60 chapters. It is a proof-read pre-published version with good grammar and punctuation.

The published version has a style improvement. Amazon at present does not allow the published versions to be read on other publishing systems. Minimal images included for speed of reading on phones and laptops.

Soon to be published in 2020. This novel is completely original.

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