Eriecho - Star Trek Kelvin Timeline fanfiction

Eriecho - Star Trek Kelvin Timeline fanfiction

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When Nero and Spock Prime go back in time, the USS Kelvin and the planet Vulcan are both destroyed. 

Vulcans become an endangered species, and even prisoners like Eriecho and her adoptive father, Saddik, are whisked away, to help repair the damage done to one of the earliest members of the Federation.

These are their stories. This series takes place in the JJ Abrams Alt-TOS universe also called the Kelvin Timeline

As always, I thank you for reading, reviewing and inspiring. #Wattys2018

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This is absolutely fantastic! The story of how the Vulcan race will continue makes for a compelling story. I can't wait for more!
The trauma of her whole life as a prisoner will be difficult to overcome, I look forward to more of this excellent story!