Douce Dame Jolie

Douce Dame Jolie

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The story follows the bond between a nobleman and a peasant lady, along with the events of the Fourth Crusade.


It's been one year since the city of Constantinople was conquered by the forces of the Fourth Crusade. 

He was indeed a knight of important rank. Geoffroi de Villehardouin, or Geoffrey as he was mostly called by his friends, was the Marshal of the County of Champagne and of Romanía, the Empire formed by the Crusaders.
"Be kind and loyal to other people" his father used to tell him, "and if needed, fight for the ones you trust and love." Geoffrey remembered this well.
While the noblemen were at the feast, a female singing voice reached their ears. Geoffrey set towards the singing lady. He followed the sound of her voice as he was trying to find her. He was enchanted by her voice.
"I'm sorry, my lord," she said looking down, "I-I couldn't expect to ever be heard by someone of your rank."
"It's okay, my lady," he smiled at her , "you don't have to be so shy about it. Besides, your voice is so divine, that even and the angels of God would be so jealous of it." He said praising her. She blushed even more. 
Their eyes crossed for a moment but they instantly looked somewhere else. They both blushed. "What's your name, fair lady?" Geoffrey asked. "My name's Mèredith." She said in a smile, making a gesture with him.

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