Rant Book

Rant Book

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Ender_is_gone By Ender_is_gone Updated Apr 10, 2018

This book, right here, is my rant book. This is where I let out all my anger onto chapters. This, is where I find people who are having problems like me. Most of the book is probably gonna be about my home country but still.. Not ALL of it. I will cover more open topics as well, possibly a CERTAIN YOUTUBER.

Read away, this is not a serious book, just a sort of journal. Ciao!~

Note: I will be using pics but I will credit them at the end of the chapter if they are not mine. Also, beware as this could get pretty heated. Also, I am sorry if anything in this book offends you before hand, I will always add an apology before the chapter just in case.

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