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Gabriel x Reader Oneshots - Supernatural

Gabriel x Reader Oneshots - Supernatural

69.4K Reads 2.2K Votes 11 Part Story
LexiWinchester By LexiWinchester Completed

a collection of investors featuring you and the Archangel Gabriel. They won't all be connected but some could be.  Disclaimer; I do not own Supernatural or the angels

As of June 4, 2016 there will be no more updates. Please, enjoy the 10 published one shots in this collection, but I no longer watch supernatural. If you want to read anything else I've written, feel free to check out my new account @alexisbooks13 (though there's nothing posted right now, I do have a project in the works).

Fallen_Fazbear Fallen_Fazbear Oct 23, 2016
If people don't want spoilers then why are they reading this? It's common sense
dark-necessities dark-necessities Feb 01, 2016
There's a theory where Gabe isn't dead and it was just a vision type of thing. I sure as hell hope that's true
Rosalina_Gamer Rosalina_Gamer Oct 20, 2016
Hey! Did I say anything about the 98 woman you slept with and most likely impregnated?
dark-necessities dark-necessities Feb 01, 2016
When I found out lucifer killed Gabe, the first thing I said was that I was going to kill him
nmwesson nmwesson Apr 20, 2016
just ignore the muffled screams in the distance no big deal hehe
Yeah, Gave isn't dead.
                              Nope. The writers are confused, Gabe isn't dead..
                              They can't take my Favorite character and kill him off after five episodes.