Color Me Softly

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The All Mighty Rachel By sockmonkey Completed
What if you were colorblind but you never thought a thing about it because everyone else is?  Well, that isn't the case with Isabella.  She's one of the only ones that actually sees in color, but what are these color?  What happens when she finds out the meaning of her existence with the help of govermental scientists that only want to do tests on her?  To cut her open to see why she's special?  What happens when the colorful falls for the colorless?
The description makes it sound oddly like The Giver (which I absolutely hate) I'm gonna read the edited one but if it sounds like The Giver, I'm out.
Freaking talented people ugh. There are so many of you I just want to SCREAM (and then take your talent ;]). I'm already hooked. Keep writing, this sounds brilliant.
as soon as i read the prologue i was hooked. you should send in the edited version to get published by scholastic or something.
Are you re editing this version of the story or will you upload separately? I'm half way through this version and enjoying it greatly. I think I will read this then re read the edited one.
oh my gosh this reminds of the book "the giver" lol i love it :)
@sockmonkey YEA it's a really popular and good book :D  Read it in fourth grade, but I still remember most of it~  Great minds think alike--as I can see so far, your story is greaaaat! xDD  I'll have fun reading this during winter break (: